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Full Moon Over Madeline Island
Full Moon Over Madeline Island

by Jay Gilbertson

narrated by Melora Kordos





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A dreamy full moon hangs over Madeline Island, yet things are anything but quiet on what the locals call, The Rock. Get ready for Eve and Ruby’s wildest ride yet! With the help of friends and family, no matter what (or who) is thrown into their path—they always manage to find their way back to—the dock. Eve’s sewing crew is churning out aprons, filling orders from all over the place as fast as lightning. When Eve’s estranged father suddenly dies, it throws her into an emotional storm she can’t escape. Then a box of family history lands on her lap and she finds the mother she’d never known—and some suspicions are confirmed that nearly blow Ruby’s knickers off! A sudden squall rips through the island, the phone rings and Eve’s world takes a nose dive as tragic news about her daughter pulls her heart in a way she’d never imagined. Through renewed determination and an RN with a major potty mouth, Eve and Ruby open Toad Hollow, a safe-house for pregnant teenagers desperate for a second chance. Inspired by a sudden flood of email into Ruby’s Aprons inbox, a live radio interview with Eve & Ruby unleashes a deluge of call-in revelations—and loss. After the tractor’s front-loader has a hilarious malfunction, the Ducky Derby’s mad dash down Pikes Creek, a handsome ghost’s mysterious message and a kick-ass concert, Eve discovers a truth that begins to set her free… No woman is an island.

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